Sell Your British India Coins - We are Buying

Yes you are at right place if you want to sell your old British India Coins. We only buy British India Coins please don't send us any other coins. Kindly please only share coins mentioned below, we don't buy coins that are not in our list. Also prices may be vary according to condition of your coin.

British India Coins
British India Coins are some of the best looking coins of Indian history. We personally like British India Coins and try to buy them in high grade. British India Coins issued from 1835 to 1947. Every coin is having different value and every coin is not rare. British India Coin is minted from two mints Bombay and Calcutta from 5 different rulers. William IV coin is minted under authority of East India Company and Queen Victoria, Edward Vii, George V and George Vi coins come in British Raj. So Now we are sharing a list that coins we are looking to buy. If you have these coins so you can fill our form and send image of your coin. We will reply you if we like your coin.

1897 One Rupee - Victoria Empress

Our Buying Price : 10,000 to 20,000

1938 One Rupee - George Vi

Our Buying Price : 5,000 to 8,000